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When Lightning Strikes – The Rosanne Heaton Interview

Written By Sangi Dave

Click here for the podcast interview link

I really vibed with Rosanne Heaton – not only because she is a fellow New Yorker with a lovely dialect that takes me back to childhood, but also because she made several statements that struck me like lightning. First, she says that prayer is not a luxury – it is spiritual bread and butter. This stopped me in my tracks. Next, when asked to describe her approach to prayer, Rosanne replied: “My life is a prayer.”  #6 Roseanne Heaton

Taken together, if prayer is spiritual bread and butter, and Rosanne’s life is prayer – it then follows that her whole life is spiritual bread and butter. The profound message that struck me here like lightning is that prayer does not have to be separate from life – it can be life itself!

Imagine a life that is infused with the quality of prayer, one that is ever-connected to Spirit. This is pure magic. The bhakti tradition of Hinduism encourages the life of prayer as Rosanne describes. I am suddenly opened up to a memory of being continuously connected in prayer to the Goddess. I felt that angels and other light beings and deities helped me to connect through prayer that is real and embodied, not just a hypothetical mental exercise.

I imagine that this is what Rosanne means when she says in her inteview: “Either you choose God, or you don’t.”  In this moment, Rosanne – I choose God. 

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link 

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