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The “Double Whammy” – The Mary E Gates Interview

Written by Sangi Dave

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There was a very strong theme running throughout this beautiful conversation with Mary E. Gates. That theme is the double whammy.  Mary brings polar opposite elements together in a powerful union of heaven and earth in her healing practice.  What does this mean?  She combines angels from the ethereal spaces and crystals from the physical earth spaces.

I also recognized the double whammy in how Mary talks about healing oneself so that one can go out and heal others.  She does the inner work to go out and do the outer work.  Of course, this makes sense in terms of the oxygen mask metaphor on airplanes: we must put the mask on ourselves and save ourselves if we have any hope of helping others.

Another instance of the double whammy was in the way Mary is able to both learn from others and formulate her own unique ideas.  She went to classes and learned, then she came up with her own unique healing practice.  This is a form of critical thinking that is so crucial to have in a world that encourages obedience and conformity.  Mary sets a good example for all of us; that we can go out and learn from others, but not follow blindly. Ultimately we must be rooted in our own intelligence and do what is right for us.  I am especially highlighting this, because I see so many people in the spiritual world trying to drink in the practices of others wholesale without doing the critical work of making it their own.

A double whammy is also evident in the title of her practice: Divine Healing with Mary. Mary clearly says that her healing practice is not about her; she is only a conduit for Divine energy.  In this way, she creates a union of the Divine and the human in her practice.

Yet another form of the double whammy is Mary’s ability to work with adults and with children.  In the group Helping Hands, Mary and her fellow Lightworkers help children with cancer to heal.  And if I haven’t pointed out enough of these double whammies, here is another: Mary does both in-person healing and remote or distance healing.  I am just blown away that she is able to bring together so many dualities in her spiritual practice.  A very unique and lovely individual, Mary was quite a blessing to me as I listened to her talk about her powerful work.

Please gift yourself with a chance to be inspired and listen to her interview

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link

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