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Marcia Martin – The Heart Healer


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Heal your heart, transform your life!

Marcia Martin, M Ed. is a teacher, counselor, public speaker and writer, who has been perfecting her treatment modality for the past 25 years. During that time, she has studied traditional and alternative psychological practices from both Eastern and Western sages and has incorporated these techniques into her own method – The Spiritual Heart Healing Technique.

This technique is a proprietary method that benefits everyone, no matter the depth of the emotional blockage. It clears and heals the heart center – the largest energetic field in the body where every memory and all emotional triggers are stored. Once the heart center is re-vitalized every person is free to access the wisdom of the heart and to begin living their life on purpose.

Guided Meditation:

“Becoming the Master Creator of our Life” Guided Meditation:

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Contact Phone No. (323) 336-5852

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