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Kevin Morris – Angelic Reiki Healer


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Throughout his life, Kevin Morris has experienced a number of challenges – from losing people close to home, to losing a business – resulting in extremely hard times. Such tragic circumstances propelled Kevin to look for healthier ways of battling with his depression and anxiety.  

Kevin became aware of Angelic Reiki Healing in 2017, and it was at this point he had a huge spiritual awakening. He was visited, in spirit, by some of the loved ones who had been tragically taken away in his younger years – as well as by Archangels and Ascended Masters. Kevin now knew that this was what he was meant to be doing, and he felt extremely blessed to have had this experience. 

Angelic Reiki Healing is Kevin’s calling and passion. His healing has helped and will continue to help those who have not only suffered like him, but also people who would like to have a better feeling of well-being in their lives. Check out his upcoming workshops in Florida September through October 2019 – see our Events Calendar for the schedule (also pictured below)!

Kevin Morris on the How to Connect with Angels podcast

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