The Foofs – The Sue Broome Interview

Written by Sangi Dave

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The “foofs,” you ask?  What’s that?  Turns out that it’s a quirky word for angels that Sue Broome picked up from a healer when she was in her twenties.  So many practitioners we hear about have had epic childhood spiritual experiences, but Sue did not.  This was the first thing in the podcast that caught my attention. I, too, did not experience the sky splitting open and angels coming through. Hearing Sue say that helped me feel that I too could deepen my spirituality and connection with the angels, regardless of childhood history.

Her discussion on divine coding also hit home for me: I realized that as a young adult entering into a life-changing spiritual experience, I had been practicing divine coding! What is divine coding? As Sue described, it is about signs. She focuses quite a bit on number signs. For example, seeing her mother’s birthday numbers show up was a sign that her mother was present. She says everything is coded, so it is a matter of “reading” and “interpreting” the signs to decipher the code and extract the message of the divine in the moment. For me, it was not so much numbers, but events in my life that I took as codes. For example, I might be driving and hit numerous roadblocks. I would then stop and read this as a sign. What is the divine code in seeing so many blocks?  The answer might come back as, “Stop rushing and slow down.” If that did not feel true, I would listen longer, until the answer really resonated with me. And poof, the divine code would be cracked! Seeing the world through divine codes is living as if nothing is random or “just a coincidence” – everything serves as communication from the Universe.

One of the branches of Sue’s work is to help people interpret signs from loved ones who have passed.
Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.53.08 PMHer book, Signs from Your Loved Ones, was inspired by the divine coding that helped her communicate with her parents after they had passed. I really needed to hear this. A dear friend of mine, Andy Drinkard, passed away suddenly just about a month ago. He was so young, with a young family and a young son. He was kind and insightful, a budding therapist that all of us in the psychology community respected and loved. To lose such a pillar of the community so unexpectedly was a hard blow. Now I feel that I have new tools to communicate with him. Divine coding can be a way that I can keep my awareness ripe and receptive to hear him!

How does Sue work with the angels? There were several poignant points that I distilled from her discussion. First of all, she says to get yourself out of the way so the angels can come through.
So simple, yet so powerful. How many times do the racing, cluttered thoughts of our ego obstruct what they have to say? In fact, Sue is so good about getting herself out of the way, that she is often shocked and surprised at what comes through in the readings! Another important point she makes, is that you have to be serious about doing some deep soul work. This really struck me, because it is very easy to float through spiritual practices like a tourist. When I do this, I am left with an empty feeling. When I can get deeper and seriously commit, I feel full, present and mindful. Thirdly, Sue says that the angels want us to feel them – to feel their love at any time. In fact, they call it an “experiential.” This means that to feel and deeply experience their presence is the goal, not just to abstractly think about them.DSC_3471 Sue feels them through a surge of energy.  Lastly, Sue tells us that Love is the eternal message of the angels to our ever-changing world. Love is being able to turn within when we feel annoyed with others and ask how we are experiencing the hurt within ourselves.

With her lilting voice, Sue took us on a complex journey in this podcast. I suggest listening to the podcast and focusing on one piece that speaks to you and working on that. Then go back and work on another piece.   Practice feeling, loving, and listening for divine codes. I am sure you will be on your way to an astonishing journey within!  Finally, listen to her daily meditations found on her website,, and on Youtube.

Please gift yourself with a chance to be inspired and listen to her interview.

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