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Josie Ramirez-Herndon – Archangel Gabriel Channel

Full Interview:

14980557_1622466774722036_3009798512652561528_nJosie Ramirez-Herndon, Founder and CEO of Addiction Therapeutic Services and Recoveryview.com, has been working in the field of Healthcare, Behavioral Health and Addiction Services since 1987. Josie serves on the Board of Directors of the Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition and Women’s CEO Global Alliance. Josie is co-founder of the Admissions and Marketing Symposium and Founder of the C-Suite Symposium. Josie found her true purpose through spiritual practice and mastering her intuition with the Archangel Gabriel and his direct guidance. Along with owning the treatment center, and consulting firm, Josie has ventured into her very own Satori Center for Well-being. Focus on well-being and spiritual alignment is the natural expansion of her personal and career path. Making a positive difference in the field of Addiction and Behavioral Health by integrating leadership and spirituality through advocacy, mentorship, media database and events is her goal.

Connect with Josie:

Facebook JosieJames

Facebook Fan Page JosieHerndon

Website josieherndon.com


Email josie@josieherndon.com

Phone No. 951-769-4780

Claudia Ibarra – Angel Practitioner

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

Claudia Ibarra describes her childhood as an intuitive, and her mission in NYC to awaken people. Segment only audio:

Claudia describes how the Angels help to free us from fear. Segment only audio:

Claudia shares her direct experiences of Angelic energies. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her monthly Angelscopes column. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her work as a Fairyologist. Segment only audio:

Claudia shares the message from the Angels. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her show on Angelic Realms Radio. Segment only audio:

Claudia Ibarra is a Certified Angel Card Reader™, Realm Reader™ and Fairyologist™ trained by Doreen Virtue. Claudia hosts a show every Sunday on Angelic Realms Radio – AND is the author of Angelscopes – the monthly Horoscope, with an Angelic twist!

Additionally, she is a certified Flower Therapy Healer, a member of the International Association of Angel Practitioners, as well as an ordained minister by Universal Life Church and the American Marriage Ministries.

Claudia Ibarra provides attunements for removing energy blockages, 13 Ascended Master attunement, 4 Holy Archangels, and more.


Connect with Claudia Ibarra:

AngelScopes: bit.ly/AngelScopes

Website: bit.ly/AngelPractitioners

Blog: bit.ly/IndigoPowerHour

Facebook: bit.ly/FB-IndigoLightworker

Mahri Best – Spiritual Channel

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

How Spiritual Channel Mahri Best first experienced the magic of angels. Segment only audio:

How Spiritual Channel Mahri Best developed her trust in her Angels. Segment only audio:

How Spiritual Channel Mahri Best communicates with her Angels. Segment only audio:

Mahri Best has some messages from the Angels for us. Segment only audio:

ANGEL CORNER RETREAT – Spirit-driven radio. Segment only audio:

Mahri Best, Spirit-driven Life Coach , teaches “How to Soar”. Segment only audio:

Contributor Mahri Best on the power of choice. Segment only audio:

Mahri Best is an Author, a certified Success Coach, an Intuitive, an Angel Card reader and a Re-connective Healer.  Mahri’s mission is to show how simply and powerfully  we can make life changes by invoking choice. She shares her inspirational messages on her Facebook page, ”Giving Choice a Voice”.

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Dr. Gale Minchew – Psychologist, Lightworker, Author

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

How to recognize an Angel’s voice. Segment only audio:

How connecting to our Angels helps, beyond therapy. Segment only audio:

Why forgiveness work is so important. Segment only audio:

A prayer to Archangel Raphael to release past hurts. Segment only audio:

This letter­-writing exercise helps with forgiveness work. Segment only audio:

Affirmations for forgiveness. Segment only audio:

Dr. Gale Minchew is a licensed psychologist with a keen interest in the paranormal, metaphysical, and spiritual realms. She is the author of the Shadows of Destiny Saga, a series about a young lady with abilities most people don’t understand. Her latest book, Live, Learn, Love: Rediscover Your Life Purpose In 10 Days, written with Karen Lovero, is a unique combination of channeled messages, prayers, spiritual requests to the Angels, guided meditations, affirmations, and exercises – all designed to help us create the life we were meant to live.

Dr. Minchew maintains a clinical practice in Texas. She also conducts past life regression, relaxation training, guided meditation, hypnotherapy, and offers spiritual guidance. She shares her free spiritual newsletter, messages from the angels, and guided meditations with anyone who is interested.

Connect with Dr. Gale Minchew: