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Anayah Joi Holilly – Angel Channel and Author

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Anayah new pixAnayah Joi Holilly [think HoL-Lilly – not Hoe-lilly] is a Certified Angel Intuitive (2003) with advanced training (2006), direct angel channel, voice for the angels and soon to be published author.

Anayah is also the Founder of Angel Heart Radio (2010), creator and co-host of the Angel Heart Radio productions – The Archangel Series, The Angel Life Hour, and currently in progress, The Ascended Masters Series.

Anayah created Angel Light 777 in 2007 at the angels urging as a way of sharing their guidance for people all over the world, and to assist them so they may feel their own connection with the angels, and to help them work with the angels one-on-one in their everyday lives, without the need to consult someone who may be seen as an ‘expert’ or ‘more in tune’ to check in with the angels on their behalf.

It was in 2000 – after the book Angelspeake: How To Talk With Your Angels by Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold was placed in her hands – that Anayah’s life expanded even more beautifully and she began her conscious conversations with the angels.

What followed is the stuff of divine magic – of angelic grace – and it forever changed Anayah’s life, having led to her upcoming book THE ANGEL CODE Journey Into The Words Whispered To Me, which is due to release in 2018.

The angels showed Anayah how The Angel Code will change millions of lives globally, how its contents will help people in profound ways. The book contains personal codes – or light frequencies – tailor-made for each individual’s spiritual blueprint; as each person’s vibration is fine-tuned, amplified and boosted, they gain access to enter and then  embrace the 5th dimensional frequencies.

Anayah is a passionate Lightworker, and just loves sharing her work with the angelic realms, helping people to connect, reconnect, or deepen their personal connection with their loving angels in their everyday lives.

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Michelle Beber – The Children’s Angel Lady

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Michelle Beber is the author of the award-winning children’s book, Angels, Angels, Everywhere. She’s also a certified angel intuitive, spiritual teacher, archangel life coach and oracle card reader.Michelle Beber photoMichelle likes to think of herself as the children’s angel lady; her life purpose is to let children know that they are never alone, and always supported and loved. Michelle’s mission is to teach, touch and entertain readers with her uniquely inspired stories. She has been blessed with three channeled books of poetry from the angels. Her story of spiritual awakening is featured in the recently published book, Journey of a Lightworker.

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Website www.michellebeber.com

Instagram www.instagram.com/michellebeberpix

Facebook www.facebook.com/michellebeberauthor

Twitter @BeberMichelle

Leanne Berkseth – Reiki Healer & Empath

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Leanne Berkseth photoLeanne Bekseth is a certified Reiki healer, an awakened intuitive empath and human angel/indigo starseed based in Adelaide, Australia. Since childhood, Leanne has experienced a paranormal, spiritual and emotional connection with the Universe on a very deep level.

Her recent evolution, transformation and awakening coincided with the 21 December, 2012 portal – when it is widely believed humanity began an accelerated phase of spiritual and energetic awakening. Shortly after, in 2013, she was guided to reunite with her Twin Flame and husband Joshua Berkseth – who then lived in Denver, Colorado in America. Joshua joined Leanne in Australia July 2014, and they have been married since June 2016.

Leanne runs her own online business Heavenly Whispers 777, selling jewelry, crystals and new age products. Additionally, she is a writer, website designer, spiritual mentor and a certified Angel Card reader. She also works in the service of others as a healer and an empath, holding the space of unconditional love for the entire planet as a Lightworker.

Claudia Ibarra – Angel Practitioner

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In this interview, we discuss:

Claudia Ibarra describes her childhood as an intuitive, and her mission in NYC to awaken people. Segment only audio:

Claudia describes how the Angels help to free us from fear. Segment only audio:

Claudia shares her direct experiences of Angelic energies. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her monthly Angelscopes column. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her work as a Fairyologist. Segment only audio:

Claudia shares the message from the Angels. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her show on Angelic Realms Radio. Segment only audio:

Claudia Ibarra is a Certified Angel Card Reader™, Realm Reader™ and Fairyologist™ trained by Doreen Virtue. Claudia hosts a show every Sunday on Angelic Realms Radio – AND is the author of Angelscopes – the monthly Horoscope, with an Angelic twist!

Additionally, she is a certified Flower Therapy Healer, a member of the International Association of Angel Practitioners, as well as an ordained minister by Universal Life Church and the American Marriage Ministries.

Claudia Ibarra provides attunements for removing energy blockages, 13 Ascended Master attunement, 4 Holy Archangels, and more.


Connect with Claudia Ibarra:

AngelScopes: bit.ly/AngelScopes

Website: bit.ly/AngelPractitioners

Blog: bit.ly/IndigoPowerHour

Facebook: bit.ly/FB-IndigoLightworker