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Debbie Z Almstedt – Zibu Angelic Symbols

Website: www.ZibuAngelicSymbols.com

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Debbie Z Almstedt’s unique connection to the Angelic Realm began during a Reiki session in 2002, when an Angel appeared to  inform her that the graceful symbols that Debbie had been drawing through automatic writing were Angelic healing symbols called Zibu.  Since then, Debbie has been recreating these powerful symbols in a variety of forms, starting with jewelry crafted from various metals and semi-precious stones.  She is guided on every step throughout the creative process, and each piece is infused with love and healing energies to assist the recipient. Her jewelry is available at her online Etsy shop.

The Angels have also guided Debbie in healing energy work using Zibu symbols, which she does in-person or remotely from beyond. Debbie also developed Henna Therapy, where energy work is performed through the application to the skin of hand-drawn temporary henna designs of embellished Zibu symbols. Every design is done intuitively and is unique for each client. 

Debbie Z Almstedt is also the author of two books  “Zibu: The Power of Angelic Symbology” as well as “Illuminated Prayers & Zibu Meditations.”  Debbie Z is also the creator of a deck of cards featuring the symbols called “Zibu Angelic Symbols Affirmation & Oracle Deck”

Debbie is originally from Washington state but currently lives in Arizona and can be contacted by email to schedule a reading at ZibuAngelicSymbols@gmail.com

Connect with Debbie Z. Almstedt

Website www.ZibuAngelicSymbols.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/ZibuAngelicSymbols

Etsy Online Shop www.etsy.com/shop/ZibuAngelicSymbols


James Thomas – International Spirit Master and Teacher

The Awakening Network Website: www.bluestarspiritual.org

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James Thomas is an international Spiritual Master and teacher with over 30 years’ experience. Originally from the United States, and now based in New Zealand, James has developed his own quantum modality of healing called the Blue Star Healing and leads workshops throughout New Zealand, Australia and soon, the United States and the United Kingdom. He has been channelling higher dimensional beings for many years, beginning with Archangels Raphael and Gabriel in 1989.  More recently, James has been offering live channellings sessions online with Alsharon for which he has developed a large international following. James is highly passionate about his Spiritual path, and being of service by assisting others, through his many modalities, to connect to their own Spiritual power, to be who they truly are, and to walk the path they are here to walk.

Connect with James Thomas:

The Awakening Network Website www.bluestarspiritual.org

Facebook www.facebook.com/bluestarspiritual

YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCQD8JNlCL6yDOMqJddBjjeQ

Julie Ryan – Acclaimed Medical Intuitive

Website: www.askjulieryan.com

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Julie Ryan is an inventor, entrepreneur, author, and an acclaimed medical intuitive.  She works with individuals and healthcare providers to help diagnose medical conditions and to facilitate healing. Julie also assists individuals and their families who have a loved one progressing through the dying process.  Julie Ryan’s recent book, Angelic Attendants, illuminates the twelve stages of that final transition.    

Over the past 35 years, Julie has founded nine successful corporations in various industries, including the medical, natural gas, long-term care, advertising, data security, and marketing fields.  She holds several patents and trademarks on surgical devices. Her inventions have been sold for more than 25 years throughout the world by her companies and through licensing agreements with global medical corporations.

For more information, to schedule a private session or a speaking engagement, or to listen to Julie’s weekly podcast, please visit: www.askjulieryan.com

Connect with Julie Ryan:

Website www.askjulieryan.com

Michelle Kapture – Intuitive Spirit Guide

Website: michellekapture.com

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M b_small

Michelle Kapture is an Intuitive Spirit Guide bringing messages and information to her clients, helping them heal and evolve both personally and spiritually. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling, is a certified Life Coach, a certified Yoga Instructor, a Reiki Master Teacher and a natural born intuitive. Her psychic gifts allow her to see, feel and hear information from Angels, Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Michelle came into this life with the purpose of helping others ease their emotional suffering through the power of self-love, compassion and a deep connection to Spirit.

Connect with Michelle Kapture:

Website michellekapture.com

Bernadette Garvin – Empathic Intuitive, Medical Psychic, Medium and Healer

Website: www.bernadettegarvin.com

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Bernadette Garvin is a Registered Psychotherapist and Counselor, as well as a Registered Nurse with an expertise in Oncology and Psycho-Oncology, Bereavement and Loss, Sudden Death and Suicide.

As a child Bernadette had the gift of “knowing” – a Divine Connection with Angels, nature and animals.Following a near-death experience where she left her body and went to a tunnel of white light with tall beings that she now identifies as Angels, her gifts began to develop and continue to do so to this day.IMG_9580

Her Angelic work comes from an open heart of unconditional love and compassion for all.  She has trained as a Certified Angel Card Reader, Angel Intuitive and Certified Angel Practitioner,  Reiki Healer, Mindfulness Coach, Creative Art Therapist, Laughter Coach and Crystal Energy Healer.

Today, she combines all the above by channeling messages and giving guidance and healing.  The Angelic Messages that are channeled through her:  “There Is Always Hope.”

Connect with Bernadette Garvin

Website www.bernadettegarvin.com

Email bernadette@bernadettegarvin.com

Facebook Page www.facebook.com/bernadette.garvin.9

Facebook Group https://facebook.com/groups/1787070224869162

Mary E Gates – Crystal and Angel Therapist

Website: www.divinehealingwithmary.com

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Liz Fourie Photography-1 (3)Hi! My name is Mary E Gates, and I am a Crystal and Angel Therapist. The Divine guides me to help you with your healing, hence “Divine Healing with Mary,” the name my angels gave to me.  Through the use of crystal therapy, where I lay crystals on the client’s body either in the client’s presence or remotely.  Energy can go anywhere, so either way this helps heal people if they so desire to heal. The angels have loving, light healing energy, and along with the crystals healing energy this brings about a “double dose of healing energy.”  I like to call it “As Above So Below.” This energy comes from Mother Earth and from the Heavens.  I then may receive messages from the client’s angels, ancestor guides as well as through the crystals I am using on the client.

I am a Certified Crystal Therapist through Reiki Blessings School and Certified in Healing with the Archangels – a course created by Elmarie Schwartz.  Several years ago, I took a fun course created by Doreen Virtue called Realm Readers and I became a Certified Realm Reader.  I have conducted many workshops teaching about our angels and about the healing properties of the crystals. I also channel messages either using oracle cards or using my gift of “knowing.” Recently, I became a Certified Holistic Practitioner, Certified Life Coach and Certified NLP Trainer through Luna Schools, an accredited ACCPH school.  I came to the realization that in helping people, many wanted to have tools to use to set goals, for continued healing, or for moving forward on their path. It is very fulfilling so see a client become empowered and be able to move forward in happiness.  Recently, I became a member of The American Association of Drug-less Practitioners. I have also been a guest on the Healing Fountain Blog Talk Radio Show and taught about angels and crystals on the Doves 4 Peace Livestream Podcaster.

Connect with Mary E. Gates:

Website www.divinehealingwithmary.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/DivineHealingWithMary

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/m60g/

Email mary@divinehealingwithmary.com


Marcia Martin – The Heart Healer

Website: marciamartinthehearthealer.com

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“Becoming the Master Creator of our Life” Guided Meditation:

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Marcia Martin headshot

Heal your heart, transform your life!

Marcia Martin, M Ed. is a teacher, counselor, public speaker and writer, who has been perfecting her treatment modality for the past 25 years. During that time, she has studied traditional and alternative psychological practices from both Eastern and Western sages and has incorporated these techniques into her own method – The Spiritual Heart Healing Technique.

This technique is a proprietary method that benefits everyone, no matter the depth of the emotional blockage. It clears and heals the heart center – the largest energetic field in the body where every memory and all emotional triggers are stored. Once the heart center is re-vitalized every person is free to access the wisdom of the heart and to begin living their life on purpose.

Connect with Marcia Martin

Website marciamartinthehearthealer.com

Email illuminateandtransform@gmail.com

Contact Phone No. (323) 336-5852

Becky Devine – Spiritual Guide

Website: www.DevineMiracles.com

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WIN_20161201_21_32_41_Pro (1)

Becky Devine – also known as BDevine – is a Spiritual Guide with a difference. She is the author of the Angelic Guidance System, Domino Angels, as well as a new book, Angelic Guidance. She has been reading for others and studying all forms of Spirituality and Healing for over 25 Years.

BDevine offers you clear advice and assistance from the angels, guides, higher consciousness and God – the source of all. She shows us that we ALL have abilities and teaches how to easily access them!

Connect with B Devine:

Website www.DevineMiracles.com

Mentoring Program NOW AVAILABLE 


YouTube Devine Miracles

YouTube Free Attunement and Healing Activations

Facebook Devine Miracles

Instagram #DevineMiracles

Twitter @DevineMiracles

Spiritual Social Site www.devinemiracles.ning.com

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Personal Readings, Mp3 Recordings, Free E-Books, discount Crystal store & more!

Steve Ahnael Nobel – Soul Matrix Healing Founder

Website: www.thesoulmatrix.com

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Steve_NewSteve Ahnael Nobel is the founder of Soul Matrix Healing.
This system helps to clear multidimensional blocks and opens up the channel for more of your soul potential to flow through into this existence.

He is an author, book mentor and coach. He was director of a not-for-profit spiritual organization called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years. After leaving at the end of 2012, he started to work on his own project which currently involves regular transmissions from the angels and star beings which he sends out to his community.  He regularly gives talks and runs workshops and retreats.

Connect with Steve Ahnael Nobel:

Website www.thesoulmatrix.com


Eileen Anglin – Intuitive Life Coach

Website: eileenanglin.com

Full Interview:

4x6 PHOTOEileen Anglin is an Angelic Energy Artist, Angel Channel and Angelic Light Ray Energy Master, also a Life Coach, Teacher, Author and passionate Earth Activist.  She is the facilitator of Archangel Empowerment® intuitive life coaching and created The Path of the White Rose® LLC.  Winner of About.com Readers Choice Favorite Angel Intuitive 2012.

“My life’s work is to create art, writings, audio tools and meditations that help guide others to connect to the Divine in their daily life and strengthen their connection to the angels. My mission is to help to awaken our evolving humanity on this Earth, the blue jewel we live on. My passion is creating global change through self worth, breaking through fear to live your true purpose and healing of hearts.”

Connect with Eileen:

Website eileenanglin.com

Read messages from the archangels, experience angelic invocations and affirmations and purchase full length guided angel healing meditations and one on one sessions. Sign up to her mailing list and receive a free guided mediation called “Heart’s Peace.” It can put you into a place of peace, expanded awareness and balance within minutes.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eileenanglinangelenergy

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/eileenanglin

Google+ https://plus.google.com/+EileenAnglin

Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/eileenwhiterose

Amanda Clarke – Voice of an Earth Angel

Website: www.voiceofanearthangel.com

Full Interview:

Amanda - headshotAmanda Clarke is an American Artist, Writer, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, and Spiritual guide. Amanda currently resides in England with her husband. Besides channeling divine guidance, Amanda is an ethical vegan who assists in the awakening and healing of our planet.

Connect with Amanda Clarke:

Facebook Page Angel Healing & Divine Guidance with Amanda Clarke


Website www.voiceofanearthangel.com

Karen Riordan Palmer – Self-Worth/Visibility Coach

Website: www.globalkindnesstv.org

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NEW Interview:

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

#1: How communicating with the Angels and Animals helped Karen heal. Segment only audio:

#2: The nature of Karen’s communication with animals. Segment only audio:

#3: How social media can be used for the Greater Good. Segment only audio:

#4: How Karen lives on the edge of co-creation and joy – (And you can, too!). Segment only audio:

#5: A meditation to help you connect with your True Self, led by Karen Palmer. Segment only audio:

#6: How developing your gifts will help you realize your dreams. Segment only audio:

#7: “Believe Receive Acheive”  – All the ways to reach Karen and work with her. Segment only audio:

Karen Riordan Palmer combines Ancient Wisdom, Technology, and Modern Science to help make our world a better place.

She is the successful leader of Eco-Angel Enterprises, a Self-Worth/Visibility Coach, Game Designer, an Animal and Angel Communicator, as well as a Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness/Meditation Instructor.

Karen is also an Angelic Marketing & Social Media Strategist who helps dreamers, visionaries, change agents, and peacemakers find their voice and share their message and gifts globally.

Additionally, she is the Founder of (hashtag) #Globalkindness Revolution which is one of the top hashtags being used in social media.

Last but not least, she is the Co-Founder of Global Peace United.

Connect with Karen Palmer:

Website www.globalkindnesstv.org

Email info@globalkindnesstv.org

Facebook Group: Raise Your Vibe Tribe

Skype karenecoangel

Other www.createspace.com

Pauline Hosie Robinson – Author, Speaker, Storyteller

Full Interview:

In this podcast, we discuss:

1. Pauline describes drawing strength from her joyous childhood in nature. Segment only audio:

2. Triumph of Joy is a book birthed in response to personal tragedy. Segment only audio:

3. How Pauline reached back to her happy childhood to start healing. Segment only audio:

4. Pauline reads key segments from her book, Triumph of JoySegment only audio:


5. How acknowledging the Truth was essential to Pauline’s healing. Segment only audio:

6. How the Pelicans sustained Pauline through the writing of her book. Segment only audio:

7. Pauline shares about her array of writing projects. (Some are free!) Segment only audio:

8. Pauline’s spiritual practice – connecting with the Divine through nature. Segment only audio:

9. The Spiritual healing that changed Pauline’s life. Segment only audio:

TRIUMPH BOOK COVERThroughout her life, Pauline has drawn her strength from the natural world. This strength was tested while living with a husband suffering from PTSD.  Feeling broken and alone, Pauline prayed for help, and her prayers were answered through the whispers of her soul and the visits of many wonderful Earth Angels.

She is the author of Triumph of Joy the story of her healing – as well as Nature’s Wisdom and Love’s Reflection.


Connect with Pauline Hosie Robinson:

Website: www.triumphofjoy.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TranquilityPublishing

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Triumphofjoy

Instagram: www.instagram.com/triumphofjoy

Pinterest: www.au.pinterest.com/paulinehosie

 LinkedIn: www.au.linkedin.com/in/pauline-hosie

Julie Melo – Angel Intuitive

Website: www.giulianamelo.com

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

How Julie’s cancer diagnosis led to her “Aha!” moment. Segment only audio:

How can we live with Grace through a crisis? Segment only audio:

What cancer taught Julie Melo. Segment only audio:

How Julie opened up to Angelic Healing while being treated for cancer. Segment only audio:

What is the message from the Angels for Humankind? Segment only audio:

Healing with Julie/Giuliana. Segment only audio:

How Forgiveness Heals. Segment only audio:

Giuliana Melo is a contributing author to the bestsellers 365 Days Of Angel Prayers and 365 Moments of Grace. She is a certified angel card reader and Reiki Practioner. Her cancer diagnosis in 2011 provided the pivotal moment to expand her spiritual awareness and opened the way for her healing, by the Grace of God.

Julie Melo recently retired from 32 years in health care. She has been married for 29 years and has an 18-year-old son.

Connect with Julie Melo:

Website www.giulianamelo.com

Facebook facebook.com/HealWithGiuliana/

We Are Human Angels – Spiritual Anarchists

Website: www.wearehumanangels.com

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

How an Angel changed the Author’s life. Segment only audio:

What does it MEAN to be a Human Angel? Segment only audio:

It’s a planetary miracle. Believe it! Segment only audio:

What is a Spiritual Anarchist? Segment only audio:

Human Angels – it’s time to unfold your wings! Segment only audio:

How beautiful – to give away your smile. Segment only audio:

WE ARE HUMAN ANGELS,  by anonymous,  is a miracle born of serendipity.

WE ARE HUMAN ANGELS is a self-published spiritual book, that’s been spontaneously translated into 14 languages by its readers.  It has inspired a worldwide community of Human Angels to emerge – consisting of those who recognize themselves in the  book.

Who are Human Angels? They are extraordinary, sensitive people, who feel a deep passion and a mission to unite all humans on this planet in the name of Love.

“If you feel you are a Human Angel, the time has come to open your heart and unfold your wings.”  

Like a beacon in the night; the book provides an understanding of the interactions and challenges that we face.

“When we live in the ego, we are human.  When we live in the awareness of the Oneness, we are human angels”.

The authors created this book  out of a need to share their own healing journey, yet they prefer to stay  anonymous. Here’s why:

“We do not sign our books with our real names because, even though we write the words, we are nothing more than a tool, an open channel for the messages of the Oneness.  What makes awareness blossom is not the channel itself, but the water that flows through it. The miracle of flowering is done by the water. All that the channel has to do is to keep itself open and clean.”

The world-wide success of this book,  is a testimony to the power of social media armed with a positive message.  WE ARE HUMAN ANGELS has been spontaneously translated into fourteen languages.  The book’s life-changing words have awakened readers to a planetary community that is making  a difference in the lives of those around them.    

Due to popular demand, the authors are releasing an expanded version, twice as long.   

They’ve broken radio silence to give me their first-ever audio interview.  We skyped during their visit to an undisclosed location in Northern Italy.  

Connect with We Are Human Angels:

Website www.wearehumanangels.com

Facebook bit.ly/22uSu2Q


Letter from Kate Brennan

To start I will give you a little personal background. I was born in Ireland in the midlands Co Monaghan in the Republic. Lived on a farm with my parents and two brothers, I was the middle child. Our nearest neighbor lived a quarter of a mile away. I was a solitary child with huge appetite for the written word. My mother introduced me to the mobile library at three yrs of age.

Our farm was surrounded by a stream that circled the house and a few acres of the property. In other-words our house had a mote. On a hill that bordered our land sat a fairy fort and we had all the other land marks associated with a fairy community. Needless to say I played with many ethereal friends of that fairy community. Ireland having such a ghastly history the Irish populous in general are very comfortable with ghostly apparitions that is to say it’s very common to see ghosts. This being the reason I was very aware of other realties outside the acknowledged one that we live in.

Angels were an entity that I didn’t have any contact with in early life or so I thought back then but now I view things differently. As a youth I though Angels were a bit too fluffy for my tastes. My first encounter that I was conscious off was in Belfast during the war. My friend and I were out shopping and were walking down Great Victoria ST, I was crossing the four lane street, steeped in thought when I heard Anne Marie scream at me. Apparently I was crossing the street while the traffic was rushing on. According to Anne Marie; one minute, I was about to killed and the next I was lifted back to the side walk intact by an unseen hand of which I totally oblivious of, I was too busy deciding how to spend my wages. In retrospect this was my first major encounter with the Angelic realm.

The next encounter for was 2006. I was traveling to work early morning in my car and listening to Caroline Myss on the topic of Angels. I had just recovered from a serious illness and was feeling miffed at the whole experience. Listening to this lecture on Angels brought out my frustration and aloud I demanded ‘If there are such a thing as Angels let me know you are there sitting beside in the car. At the same time, I put my hand over to the passenger seat and felt a solid back covered in feathers. The shock was great and I pulled over to the side of the two-lane highway. There was nothing to be seen, I extended my hand again and felt up the back, over the shoulders and were the wings were joined to the body. He was crouched over and massive. I had a small two seater sports car at the time not much room. The presence came across as male. It was mind blowing after 5minutes or so it was gone. I never told anyone about this incidence.

A year later traveling to work again and listening to same cd. I made a request aloud for the Angel to show himself to me I wanted to know Angels were for real. This time I looked over to passenger side and there was a dark green feathered creature crouched over in the seat beside me. Again I pulled over. The feathers were of varying shades of green and had a sheen to them. I couldn’t see his face as he was crouched over to far. He didn’t speak and I didn’t speak to him I was too much in awe it was so surreal. I thought for a moment he could be a demon? The southerners are always talking about demons. The thought was quickly dismissed as I don’t deal in demon’s period. After a few minutes I blinked and he was gone.

This time, I told my partner about both experiences with the Angel appearing in the car. It like the story of Benjamin Button a bit too incredible and besides who ever heard of a green Angel?? I told a friend at work and she looked up Angel on google and found out we all had Angels assigned to us depending on the day we were born. I am a Wednesday’s child therefore my assigned Angel was Raphael. I went in search of material pertaining to Raphael and found out to my astonishment he was depicted with green feathers on his wings.

In 2009 after opening my Shaman Practice I started invoking Angelic help with clients to help them in their healing. Raphael came accompanied by Michael, Gabriel, Metatron and Cassiel. They are all part of my healing team, they don’t always come together but at least one of them is with me while working with clients.

In September 2012 my partner Ed and myself were on vacation in Venice. One night after returning from dinner ED couldn’t breath and I called for the paramedics and oxygen. This was all happening in the bathroom and no lights were on, the only illumination came from the bedside lamps in the main room. I knew things were dire and I screamed for Raphael to come and help me. The bathroom lit up I looked into the mirror and saw Michael with brilliant white glowing from his whole persona and his light was reflecting out into the room. Beside him stood Gabriel and Raphael was standing in front of us with his wings open shielding Ed and myself. Thing were moving fast and I pleaded with them to do something and not led Ed die. They were there for both of us in a Sacred Circle with love and compassion that was palpable. I knew their role was that of Sacred Witnesses in support of me as Ed transitioned out of this life.

My Angels come now when I call them for clients or when I’m in meditation. Also when I am in the hot tub they come and sit on the edge of the balcony this is a social event. Michael is the flamboyant one with the dramatic landings. They are my constant support and are there when I need them and I have had a tremendous need since Ed’s passing. I live and breathe gratitude to the Universe for providing me with Almighty and Powerful Soul Companions. The Angelic Realm provide me with succor not experienced from any other source they also instill an energetic power that lifts me up and places me in the flow of bliss and without this I believe I would no longer reside on this planet.

With clients I have other Angels who come, they tend to come from the client’s inner life such as Ancestors or teens on skate boards. Angels take many forms.

You Sheri are one of my Angels.