Lorna Byrne – Irish Mystic

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

What to tell a child about their Guardian Angels. Segment only audio:

How to communicate with our Guardian Angels. Segment only audio:

How the Archangels work with us. Segment only audio:

How to Pray for Others. Segment only audio:

How the Angels Direct us to help others. Segment only audio:

The Power of Prayer. Segment only audio:

How Showing Love Helps all Children. Segment only audio:

Lorna Byrne was born in in Dublin, Ireland, to a poor family. As she writes in her best-selling autobiography, Angels in My Hair,  “From the time I was an infant and opened my eyes, I saw angels”.  Her infatuation with the nonmaterial led to young Lorna being diagnosed as “retarded”.  The Angels told her not to speak to anyone else about what she saw, but, that someday,  Lorna would write a book about them.  

After the death of her husband Joe and their four children reached adulthood, Lorna broke her silence and published her book Angels in my Hair,  in 2008.  

The book became an international bestseller –  translated into twenty-six different languages in over 50 countries. Lorna Byrne’s next two books, Stairways to Heaven and A Message of Hope from the Angels have also reached bestseller lists.

Her message is both beautiful and uplifting.  Reading her books and talking to her really puts us in awe of the assistance that angels can bring to every little bit of our lives… If we only remember to ask.

Lorna’s vision, which has been passed to her by God and the angels, is to transform the world into a more loving place.  One vision that she promotes is that all the religions in the world, and even those who do not identify as religious, should come under one umbrella to pray for Peace.

Lorna’s audiences are all over Europe and the USA.  This year, she travels to Hong Kong and Taiwan.  She founded the Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation to help a number of charities who work tirelessly to help children who are suffering due to war, devastation, poverty or illness.

I spoke to Lorna just a few days before she was to leave her small village in Ireland to travel to Ethiopia and promote the work of A Partnership with Africa.

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Carrie M Bush – Published Author and Angel Card Reader

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Carrie Marie Bush is a published author and Angel Card Reader from Surrey, UK.  She has a certification in childcare and has three children of her own. Carrie has a passion for the emotional well-being of children, and through her own children, she gains inspiration to connect with her Angels. Her calling led her to beginwriting books of encouragement for children – where she emphasizes believing in their individual abilities while also gently introducing them to the power of Archangels. 

Carrie has appeared as a guest several times on international radio shows like “Angelic Realms” and “Psychic Talk Radio”.

Connect with Carrie M Bush:

Amazon goo.gl/iG6A3R

Facebook @CarrieMBush

Twitter @carriembush77

Instagram @carriemariebush

Email carriembush@gmail.com


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Michelle Kapture – Intuitive Spirit Guide

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M b_small

Michelle Kapture is an Intuitive Spirit Guide bringing messages and information to her clients, helping them heal and evolve both personally and spiritually. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling, is a certified Life Coach, a certified Yoga Instructor, a Reiki Master Teacher and a natural born intuitive. Her psychic gifts allow her to see, feel and hear information from Angels, Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Michelle came into this life with the purpose of helping others ease their emotional suffering through the power of self-love, compassion and a deep connection to Spirit.

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Jazelle Blessings – Angel Intuitive and Angel Channel

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Jazelle is an Angel Intuitive, Certified Angel Card and Realm Reader, as well as a Spiritual Life Coach with an Angelic Twist. She communicates with Divine God/Source, Archangels, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides through receiving channeled messages, signs, guidance and intuitive angel oracle card readings. As an intuitive Angel Guide, Jazelle is very in-tune with Divine God, Archangels, guardian angels, and spirit guides, she dedicates time daily to connect with the angels and guides to strengthen her abilities and connection.

Jazelle is merely a vessel through which God and the Angels flow. Bringing God/Source/Divine’s love and light to the World. She opens herself up to become a conduit to help others receive extra support, guidance, clarity, messages and direction from God and the angels. She connects with angels and spirit guides in several different ways. She receives messages intuitively, she channels messages from the angels, she auto-writes channeled messages, she receives symbols and signs from the angels and she also uses Angel Cards to receive messages and guidance for herself and others.

Connect with Jazelle:

Instagram @jazelleblessings
Twitter @JazelleBlessed

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Mary E Gates – Crystal and Angel Therapist

NEW!! Guided Meditation:

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Liz Fourie Photography-1 (3)Hi! My name is Mary E Gates, and I am a Crystal and Angel Therapist. The Divine guides me to help you with your healing, hence “Divine Healing with Mary,” the name my angels gave to me.  Through the use of crystal therapy, where I lay crystals on the client’s body either in the client’s presence or remotely.  Energy can go anywhere, so either way this helps heal people if they so desire to heal. The angels have loving, light healing energy, and along with the crystals healing energy this brings about a “double dose of healing energy.”  I like to call it “As Above So Below.” This energy comes from Mother Earth and from the Heavens.  I then may receive messages from the client’s angels, ancestor guides as well as through the crystals I am using on the client.

I am a Certified Crystal Therapist through Reiki Blessings School and Certified in Healing with the Archangels – a course created by Elmarie Schwartz.  Several years ago, I took a fun course created by Doreen Virtue called Realm Readers and I became a Certified Realm Reader.  I have conducted many workshops teaching about our angels and about the healing properties of the crystals. I also channel messages either using oracle cards or using my gift of “knowing.” Recently, I became a Certified Holistic Practitioner, Certified Life Coach and Certified NLP Trainer through Luna Schools, an accredited ACCPH school.  I came to the realization that in helping people, many wanted to have tools to use to set goals, for continued healing, or for moving forward on their path. It is very fulfilling so see a client become empowered and be able to move forward in happiness.  Recently, I became a member of The American Association of Drug-less Practitioners. I have also been a guest on the Healing Fountain Blog Talk Radio Show and taught about angels and crystals on the Doves 4 Peace Livestream Podcaster.

Connect with Mary E. Gates:

Website www.divinehealingwithmary.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/DivineHealingWithMary

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/m60g/

Email mary@divinehealingwithmary.com


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Delia Carreon – Online Meditation Leader

Full Interview:

Delia Carreon
Delia Carreon is a Certified Yoga Teacher at ATMAN Online Yoga Academy, Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Specialist. Besides teaching yoga, she is also organizing the “Angels Meditation Online Group,” where she shares her love for angels, people and planet with the open public.  She lives her life based on the principle that we are all Godly beings, with a spark from the Godly light deep inside our hearts.  The angels and archangels are our celestial friends who help us to return home, to our Godly essence.  Angels can inspire us to live a life of purpose and meaning, full of joy and spontaneity.

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The Angels Meditation Online Group


The Angels Meditation Online Group meets every 1st and 3rd Sunday between 19.00-21.00 CET (Central Europe Time). Find your equivalent time zone here.

In order to attend, all you need is a computer, tablet, smartphone or iPhone with access to the internet. Click on the Access Link 5 minutes before the meeting and enter as a guest providing your name. 

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Lisa Jo Davis – Empath Intuitive

NEW!! Second Interview PLUS Guided Meditation:

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

1. The near-death experience that changed Lisa Jo’s life. Segment only audio:

2. How Lisa Jo brought Divine energy to her healing process. Segment only audio:

3. How to listen to our intuition – the language of the Divine. Segment only audio:

4. What does it mean, to ‘Host the Archangels’? Segment only audio:

5. Lisa Jo’s path to becoming an Intuitive Energy Healer. Segment only audio:

6. How the T.I.M.E. heals modality works. Segment only audio:

7. This information about the fairies may surprise you! Segment only audio:

POST # 7 LISA JO DAVISLisa Jo Davis is an empath intuitive who channels the Archangels and Ascended Masters.  As a T.I.M.E. Heals practitioner, she works with the energy of the chakras. Lisa Jo is also a Doreen Virtue certified LISA JO pixFairyologist.  As an advocate for spiritual
growth, Lisa Jo offers educational classes – like Hosting the Archangels – as well as private healing sessions.  She has been shown by the Angelic and Fairy realms to create “Jewelry That Inspires” – beautiful pieces that are blessed before leaving her hands.

Connect with Lisa Jo Davis:


Healing Light With Lisa Jo Facebook Group

Hosting The Archangels Facebook Group

Check out her other Facebook Groups!
Spiritual Hotspot
Sacred Heart Fire
Loving Yourself Fully

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/HealingLightLJD

Twitter www.twitter.com/HealingLightLJD


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Teri Angel – Happiness Coach and Angelspeaker

NEW!! Special Interview:

Guided Meditation:

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

We cannot change the planet overnight, but we can change ourselves this very minute. Segment only audio:

How, when we release our negativity, miracles happen. Segment only audio:

Can you change “Are we there yet?” to “Am I HERE yet?” Segment only audio:

How self-love feeds that beautiful spirit inside. Segment only audio:

It’s out there! Happiness just waits for you to claim it.  Segment only audio:

How to create an attitude of gratitude with your Gratitude Vase. Segment only audio:

How to pivot away from the negative and let it go to the Angels. Segment only audio:

GRATITUDE VASE - BOOK COVERTIME HEALSTeri Miller is a psychic, medium, channel, energy healer, author and Happiness Coach from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She was inspired to create an energy healing modality called TIME that has spread to multiple countries worldwide.

Her book TIME Heals describes the modality with references to Archangels and the Ascended Masters. Her diverse “adventures” were recently compiled in a book called Hugz~Love which can also be found on Amazon.com. She is also a popular talk show host at www.BlogTalkRadio/Angelspeakers and manages a Facebook group called Angelspeakers. Additionally, she leads meditation groups; many of her original guided meditations can be found on YouTube.

TERIMILLER PR PHOTOConnect with Teri Miller:

Website: www.angelspeakers.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Tazzie321

You Tube meditations: http://bit.ly/2bqRFjj

Twitter: @angelspeakers

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Karen Lovero – Author, Angelic Channeler

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

The Angelic Experience that changed Karen’s Life. Segment only audio:

What is the sound of an Angel’s voice? Segment only audio:

How Karen developed her ability to channel. Segment only audio:

LIVE, LEARN, LOVE… How Karen’s book was channeled from God and the Angels. Segment only audio:

How to pray to Archangel Chamuel for balance. Segment only audio:

The spiritual price we pay for gossip. Segment only audio:


Affirmations to help bring about balance. Segment only audio:

Karen Lovero is an Author, Angelic Channeler, Certified Angel Card Reader, and ordained minister.  She channels messages, prayers, and affirmations from the Archangels and from beings of the highest light. Karen is the co-author with Dr. Gale Minchew, of the newly published, LIVE, LEARN, LOVE; Rediscover Your Life Purpose in 10 Days. Karen conducts readings through her “Certified Angel Card Reader” Facebook page. Also on Facebook, she is founder of two groups: “Angelic Affirmations” and the fast-growing “Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Cards” group.

She lives in Florida with her husband and four children.

Connect with Karen Lovero:

Karen Lovero’s Angelic Encounter

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