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Carrie M Bush – Published Author and Angel Card Reader

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Carrie Marie Bush is a published author and Angel Card Reader from Surrey, UK.  She has a certification in childcare and has three children of her own. Carrie has a passion for the emotional well-being of children, and through her own children, she gains inspiration to connect with her Angels. Her calling led her to beginwriting books of encouragement for children – where she emphasizes believing in their individual abilities while also gently introducing them to the power of Archangels. 

Carrie has appeared as a guest several times on international radio shows like “Angelic Realms” and “Psychic Talk Radio”.

Connect with Carrie M Bush:

Amazon goo.gl/iG6A3R

Facebook @CarrieMBush

Twitter @carriembush77

Instagram @carriemariebush

Email carriembush@gmail.com


Tara LaDue – Author, Social Media Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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CameToBelieve_ApprovedCover_082217Tara LaDue is the author of Came to Believe: A Journey of Trust, Faith and Perseverance. She is a Social Media Coach and Consultant for Spiritual Entrepreneurs all over the world and has written a Social Media Guidebook full of tips and tricks to use to grow an online following. Tara is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, d?TERRA Wellness Advocate, a Certified Angel Card Reader™, a Certified Angel Intuitive®, as well as a graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass 1 and 2 (#SpiritJunkie).

Lastly, she is the proud mommy of a fur-angel, Chester Harold LaDue.

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“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love” – ACIM

Neetu Palan – Celestial Living Founder/Owner

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Neetu served as an Educator for almost 23 years and have been spiritually inclined for the past 7 years, creating Celestial Living in Mumbai to spread positivity and Angels’ love and light to all.  

Neetu is an Angel Tarot and Oracle card reader, a Reiki Grand Master, a Crystal healer, Money Reiki Grand Master, Karmic Reiki Grand Master, Pendulum Dowser, a Numerologist, and a Switch Healer.  As an Angel Reiki Master and a certified Angelic Medium, Neetu is proud to be a Co-Author of a international best-seller: Warrior Women with Angel’s Wings Born to Love. Neetu has been invited to participate in two International Psychic Shows on as an‘Angelic Realms’ reader, joining others from from Sweden, America, England, Ireland.  She’s participated as a highly rated Psychic reader for ‘Crystal Clear Psychics’; a UK based company.

Because so many lives have changed to the good with the help of her readings, guidance and counseling, Neetu Palan is the recipient of the WOW award as an ‘Outstanding Angelic Reader Par Excellence.’

Neetu is a certfied life coach and recently completed the certified course, “Release your family karma,” and have seen amazing results during the healing sessions.   

Connect with Neetu Uberoy Palan:

Contact Phone No. +91 9892304943

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/celestiallivingco

Email  neetu.celestialliving@gmail.com

Anne Andersson – Angelplace on Earth

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Anne Andersson is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Assertiveness Coach trained by Doreen Virtue, as well as a Certified Reiki Healer, and a Certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, trained by Andrea Hess. 

Anne is the Creator of Angelplace On Earth website and Angelplace on Facebook. She speaks Swedish, English and Greek. Her soulmission is to spread love, light, gratitude and channeled messages from the Angels and the Ascended Masters.

Anne works with Angel Card Readings, spiritual guidance and soul realignment to help others find their way towards their spiritual lifepath.  She is currently working at Crystal Clear Psychics as an Angel Card Reader and Intuitive Reader. 

As an Advanced Soul Realignment Pratctitoner she works with aligning, healing, clearing and removing blockages from the clients Akashic Records. She reads your soul and make a soul profile, from that she can tell you about the essence your soul, your souls qualities, where your soul stem from, your soul ‘s vibration, any challenges and blockages you encountered throughSoul Sisters Radio Show your lifetimes that affects you in this lifetime, etc. The profound information can help you on your current lifepath.

Her new radio show is Soul Sisters/Soul Realignment cohosted with Susan Schumacher at 9:00 AM Pacific Time Thursdays on psychictalk.net.


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Soul Sisters Show on Psychic Talk Radio



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Soul Sisters – Soul Realignment

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Authors – Anne Andersson & Sue Schumacher

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Bernadette Garvin – Empathic Intuitive, Medical Psychic, Medium and Healer

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Bernadette Garvin is a Registered Psychotherapist and Counselor, as well as a Registered Nurse with an expertise in Oncology and Psycho-Oncology, Bereavement and Loss, Sudden Death and Suicide.

As a child Bernadette had the gift of “knowing” – a Divine Connection with Angels, nature and animals.Following a near-death experience where she left her body and went to a tunnel of white light with tall beings that she now identifies as Angels, her gifts began to develop and continue to do so to this day.IMG_9580

Her Angelic work comes from an open heart of unconditional love and compassion for all.  She has trained as a Certified Angel Card Reader, Angel Intuitive and Certified Angel Practitioner,  Reiki Healer, Mindfulness Coach, Creative Art Therapist, Laughter Coach and Crystal Energy Healer.

Today, she combines all the above by channeling messages and giving guidance and healing.  The Angelic Messages that are channeled through her:  “There Is Always Hope.”

Connect with Bernadette Garvin

Website www.bernadettegarvin.com

Email bernadette@bernadettegarvin.com

Facebook Page www.facebook.com/bernadette.garvin.9

Facebook Group https://facebook.com/groups/1787070224869162

Penny Rosen – Angel Whisperer

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IMG_20161218_173342Penny Rosen is a Doreen Virtue trained angel card reader and channel.  She looks to heal from the heart and guide from spirit as a teacher and a speaker for self-love and connection with our Angels.  Her free group readings are offered on her Angels Whisper by Penny Facebook page.

Leanne Berkseth – Reiki Healer & Empath

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Leanne Berkseth photoLeanne Bekseth is a certified Reiki healer, an awakened intuitive empath and human angel/indigo starseed based in Adelaide, Australia. Since childhood, Leanne has experienced a paranormal, spiritual and emotional connection with the Universe on a very deep level.

Her recent evolution, transformation and awakening coincided with the 21 December, 2012 portal – when it is widely believed humanity began an accelerated phase of spiritual and energetic awakening. Shortly after, in 2013, she was guided to reunite with her Twin Flame and husband Joshua Berkseth – who then lived in Denver, Colorado in America. Joshua joined Leanne in Australia July 2014, and they have been married since June 2016.

Leanne runs her own online business Heavenly Whispers 777, selling jewelry, crystals and new age products. Additionally, she is a writer, website designer, spiritual mentor and a certified Angel Card reader. She also works in the service of others as a healer and an empath, holding the space of unconditional love for the entire planet as a Lightworker.

Suzanne Bertolas – Angel Intuitive

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Suzanne Bertolas – author of ANGELS-THEY SAY IT’S TIME (Balboa Press/Hayhouse) – is a Holy Fire II Reiki Master/Teacher and Intuitive Healer. She is also an Angel Card Reader, Channel and the Creator of Angel Fire Reiki.  Suzanne now teaches what she has learned from the Angelic Realm to the students who are guided to her.

Suzanne is a singer/songwriter with 3 produced CDs. Additionally she has authored 3 Books and is also the creator of a 74-card deck of Angel Encouragement Healing Cards.

Watch her readings on her Angel Intuitive YouTube Channel.

Connect with Suzanne Bertolas:


Facebook: White Dragonfly @whitedragonflyhealing

Mahri Best – Spiritual Channel

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

How Spiritual Channel Mahri Best first experienced the magic of angels. Segment only audio:

How Spiritual Channel Mahri Best developed her trust in her Angels. Segment only audio:

How Spiritual Channel Mahri Best communicates with her Angels. Segment only audio:

Mahri Best has some messages from the Angels for us. Segment only audio:

ANGEL CORNER RETREAT – Spirit-driven radio. Segment only audio:

Mahri Best, Spirit-driven Life Coach , teaches “How to Soar”. Segment only audio:

Contributor Mahri Best on the power of choice. Segment only audio:

Mahri Best is an Author, a certified Success Coach, an Intuitive, an Angel Card reader and a Re-connective Healer.  Mahri’s mission is to show how simply and powerfully  we can make life changes by invoking choice. She shares her inspirational messages on her Facebook page, ”Giving Choice a Voice”.

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Jean Maurie Puhlman – Angel Channeler

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Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

How Jean Maurie released the severe trauma of her early childhood to clear a connection to her Divinity and her Angels. Segment only audio:

How the Angels brought Jean Maurie’s husband to her door when she suffered from agoraphobia. Segment only audio:

How EFT (Tapping) and group counseling and the Angel’s support helped to heal Jean Maurie’s agoraphobia. Segment only audio:

Angel Card Reader Jean Maurie describes how she works to help people heal around the world. Segment only audio:

Jean Maurie PuhlmanJean Maurie is a personal empowerment coach who teaches people how to release what is blocking them from living the life they desire. With the help of angel cards and messages, Jean calls in powerful, loving angels to cut the cords holding her clients back from experiencing all that life has to offer. Jean Maurie uses EFT – tapping – as a healing modality and will describe how it helped cure her agoraphobia.

Connect with Jean Maurie Puhlman:


Jean Maurie Puhlman on Facebook


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