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Steffany Barton – Psychic Medium

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In this interview, we discuss:

The basics of Angelic connection. Segment only audio:

Learn the language of Angels. Segment only audio:

How we can connect to our loved ones on the Other Side. Segment only audio:

How our Loved ones can guide us from the Other SideSegment only audio:

Got Afterlife? Get insight into reincarnationSegment only audio:

How to tune into our Loved Ones on the Other SideSegment only audio:

A comfort for those left behind – Facing Darkness, Finding Light: Life After Suicide – book by Steffany Barton, RN.  Segment only audio:

Steffany Barton of Angel’s Insight is a premier psychic medium, spiritual teacher and author.  Through her lectures, books, and individual sessions, she illuminates the unseen world and serves as a link to the Other Side; to our Angels, Spirit Guides and our loved ones who have passed on.

Steffany’s work has been featured on TV and radio; her messages of love have a ripple effect around the world.  She has written a number of inspirational books; in this interview she will discuss her just published, “Facing Darkness, Finding Light: Life After Suicide.”

Through Angel’s Insight, Steffany provides daily, inspirational posts on Facebook, circulates a monthly newsletter and offers free meditations.  
Steffany spoke to me from her home in Leawood, Kansas.

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