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Sheri Leigh Myers

Sheri -Basil photoWriter / Producer - Sheridan Films

Sheri Leigh started in theater after training at The Drama Center in London.   Among her directing and writing projects was “In Her Own Words” about Marilyn Monroe. It played in Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Atlanta, and Capetown, South Africa.

With the national Kaiser Permanente AV Department, Sheri produced everything from short films to the breakthrough 10-hour series “Living with HIV,” that was seen around the world. Her organizational skills were engaged in later years as a political campaign coordinator for certain presidential and congressional candidates.

Thanks to Edward Kovach, Sheri began writing screenplays. Their first collaboration was THE ANGEL CHANNEL, now titled THE GLITCH.   Sheri Leigh has also written: “The Sky is Burning,” a story of the physicists wives at Los Alamos, as well as “War in the Heart”, a Civil War miniseries based on the true story of a master spy. With Ben Lewin, the director and writer of “The Sessions” that won the Sundance Audience Award in 2012, two comedy film scripts emerged; “The Customer from Hell” and “Serial Bride” - now in pre-production with SuchMuch films.

Sheri is the author of two books: “Cheated!” a graphic narrative about the 2004 presidential election, and “The Bride Revealed,” a photographic essay about getting married.

She and her husband Dan Moore have been fortunate to be able to travel to many desirable film locations around the world. Yet, it was their stay in New Orleans only a few months after Katrina that convinced them they’d found a new home.

With her partner Dan Moore and Sheridan Film Company, Sheri Leigh Myers is living her dream - making films that stir the soul and living in New Orleans.

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