Rachel Collier – Reiki Master & Spiritual Counselor

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Rachel Collier – she walked away from an unhealthy marriage and a career as the General Manager of a TV station to embark on her spiritual journey. As a child of light, a warrior for Mother Earth and a channel for change, Rachel has realized her soul’s purpose is to spread love, light and compassion with energy healing and teaching through God’s love.

She assists her clients in reconnecting to themselves, the Earth, the guides and the angels as she lectures and teaches around the country. In 2016, Rachel officially created and established Way Chill Life, LLC, to help others find a life of peace as they realize that the answers to their most challenging questions are already inside of them.

Rachel is a 1st Dan Master Rainbow Reiki, Licensed Angelic Teacher and Healer, as well as a Master de Usui Reiki.

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Website www.waychilllife.com

Instagram instagram.com/waychilllife

Twitter twitter.com/waychilllife

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Skype rachel.c.vella

Email love@waychilllife.com

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