Raul Estevez, M.Ed. – Educator, Medium, Author

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Raul Estevez is an Educator/Trainer, Psychic and Spiritual Healer who has offered guidance, healing and mentorship to people around the world.  He is also an award- winning Professional Educator, receiving the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.   Mr. Estevez is a Quantum Bioenergetics Advanced Facilitator and a Certified Angel Card Reader & Flower Therapy Healer trained by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves.

Raul has published one deck of cards and two books with White Light Publishing House.  The deck is called “Guiding Star of Life Inspirational Cards.” His very popular children’s book, “My Little Angels Talk to Me” comes with a detachable coloring section. Raul’s second book is the “My Angels Connections” a set of short stories he has written to inspire everyone to connect to their angels.

Connect with Raul Estevez:

Website www.whitelightuniversal.com.au/author-raul-estevez

Facebook www.facebook.com/raulestevezauthor

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Lottie Wahlin – Author and Medium

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Lottie has been working as a Certified Professional Medium since the mid-1990s. She sees herself as a kind of a translator between the worlds and mediates love, counseling, advice, wisdom, hope and comfort to her clients in private meetings, (live, phone and Skype) and seances (demonstrations). She works with loved ones from spirit and spiritual beings; different kinds of guides, Buddhas and angels. Lottie leads meditation groups and teaches students to develop their psychic abilities in the school Scandinavian Academy for Inner Potential, where she is the principal. She is a writer about spiritual things and phenomena and recently published her first novel (coming soon in English translation).

Lottie has a PhD in sociology and has worked as a researcher. In this last matter she teach mediation training classes and conflict resolution.

Lottie is also a mother, wife and a grandmother. She is living in Stockholm with her husband, an astrologer.

Connect with Lottie:

Website www.lottiewahlin.se

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lottiepsychicmedium

Email kontakt@lottiewahlin.se

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Anayah Joi Holilly’s Blog

“We know you are feeling a little lost and alone right now. We hear your prayers for guidance and support, and we respond to you in each and every moment.  Walk with us, keep in close contact with us, as we lead you on a simple journey.” – 12/19/17 “Flourish ” Post Excerpt

Read more of her “Imagination and Me” blog at angellight777.com/angel-messages

Check out her interview on our “How to Connect with Angels” podcast with Anayah Joi Holilly here.POST #1

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Amanda Clarke’s Blog

Amanda Clarke

“As 2017 is coming to an end it’s the perfect time to reflect upon all that we have experienced. We each are being called to move forward into 2018 with courage. There’s so much that each and every soul has encountered in 2017 that has provided a wealth of strength. Looking back….” – 12/14/17 “Healing in December and Manifesting in 2018” Post Excerpt

“A pause in the movement of your spiritual progress is not meant to discourage you or cause you to feel like you’re being punished. ” – 11/3/17 “5 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Spiritually Blocked” Post Excerpt

Read more of her “Imagination and Me” blog at voiceofanearthangel.com

Check out her interview on our “How to Connect with Angels” podcast with Amanda Clarke here.

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Jean Maurie Puhlman’s Blog

post #3 Jean maurie
“Last week I wrote about ways Angels show up in our lives.  I mentioned sensing them around us,  hearing guidance within or audibly, seeing orbs, sparkles, or flashing lights. Today I’m going to talk about other ways we can sense our angels are around and how they can give us answers.s.” – 12/5/17 “Angels Showing Up In Our Lives 12.13.17” Post Excerpt

Read more of her “Imagination and Me” blog at angelsloveyou.blogspot.com

Check out her interview on our “How to Connect with Angels” podcast with Jean Maurie Puhlman here.


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Marcia Martin’s Blog

“Dearest hearts those of you who are afraid to believe that miracles can occur at any time and any place are, in essence, afraid to believe in the existence of miracles because you simply don’t understand what a miracle is..” -12/17/17 “Do Miracles Still Exist?” Post Excerpt


more of her “The Heart Healer” blog at marciamartinthehearthealer.com/blog

Check out Marcia’s interview on our “How to Connect with Angels”  podcast here.

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Sue Broome’s Blog

“When we start to feel these deep emotions because of what is going on for us and the tears come and then the sobbing, it feels like it may never stop. That’s OK. The emotions are meant to be felt and not just covered up and glossed over…” –Message from the Angels 12.11.17

“The calm carries over to all of your cells. It carries into the blood flowing through your veins. The calm carries through to your heart and your brain…” –Message From the Angels 120417″ Post Excerpt

Read more of her “Empowerment 4 You” blog at empowerment4you.com/blog

Check out her interview on our “How to Connect with Angels”  interview with Sue Broome here.


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