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Angel TraShell – Angel Intuitive Clairvoyant

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Angel TraShell is an Angel Intuitive, a title granted to certified Angel Card Readers who are also trained in Angel Therapy™ and Mediumship with Doreen Virtue.  She is also an empath, which enables her to connect with her clients’ Angels and Guides as a spiritual therapist and a healer. As a clairvoyant, Angel does Angel Intuitive Tarot Readings as well as Hands on Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, Flower Therapy Readings and more.  Angel studied at the Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology and has been mentored by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, Robert Reeves, Deepak Chopra, Dr Brian Weiss and others. Sharing her spiritual knowledge and angel connections in sacred circles is her gift and passion. 

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Karen Lovero – My Angelic Encounter

I was at my fiancé’s house clearing out a few things when I saw a large Angel – luminous, almost see-through clear white – standing in the closet. I was amazed and in awe that an Angel would actually appear in front of me. Suddenly I was startled by the Angel words which were “your fiancé is going to break up with you”. Then just as quickly the Angel disappeared. I stood in disbelief wondering why this Angel would tell me such terrible news. Later that evening when my fiancé returned home from work he did in fact break up with me that’s very evening. That is when I began to realize that I better listen up these Angels able to communicate some very important information. After that I began taking the angelic communication very seriously.

To LISTEN TO Karen Lovero discuss her journey and work with her Angels – CLICK HERE.


Letter from Deborah Merlin, Los Angeles

I was driving a rented van while my car was in the repair shop. While running errands, I parked and set the brake on the van (since the parking spot was at a slight inclined). I was pulling out of the parking lot onto the street when I realized I had forgotten to unset the brake. The van was close to the intersection and the light had turned green. The more I tried to release the brake, the more the van would stall. Cars were quickly approaching me, honking their horns and slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting me. Knowing it was a life/death situation, I immediately surrendered to my angels, asking for help. As soon as the prayer was done, there was a woman standing at my door. She wore a baseball cap and had a pony tail and granny glasses. She told me how to release the brake and it worked. I looked up to thank her but she was gone, nowhere to be seen. I thought maybe she was in a blind spot and I could not see her or perhaps she was an angel and slipped right back into the angel dimension. A sense of peace, gratitude and wonderment came over me as I drove off.

Angel tip: When I’m out and about in a busy city, parking spots can be hard to find. I always ask my angels to save a parking space for me. They always come through. I never believe it when a public parking garage says it is full. I enter anyway and always finding an open space nearby.


Letter from Kate Brennan

To start I will give you a little personal background. I was born in Ireland in the midlands Co Monaghan in the Republic. Lived on a farm with my parents and two brothers, I was the middle child. Our nearest neighbor lived a quarter of a mile away. I was a solitary child with huge appetite for the written word. My mother introduced me to the mobile library at three yrs of age.

Our farm was surrounded by a stream that circled the house and a few acres of the property. In other-words our house had a mote. On a hill that bordered our land sat a fairy fort and we had all the other land marks associated with a fairy community. Needless to say I played with many ethereal friends of that fairy community. Ireland having such a ghastly history the Irish populous in general are very comfortable with ghostly apparitions that is to say it’s very common to see ghosts. This being the reason I was very aware of other realties outside the acknowledged one that we live in.

Angels were an entity that I didn’t have any contact with in early life or so I thought back then but now I view things differently. As a youth I though Angels were a bit too fluffy for my tastes. My first encounter that I was conscious off was in Belfast during the war. My friend and I were out shopping and were walking down Great Victoria ST, I was crossing the four lane street, steeped in thought when I heard Anne Marie scream at me. Apparently I was crossing the street while the traffic was rushing on. According to Anne Marie; one minute, I was about to killed and the next I was lifted back to the side walk intact by an unseen hand of which I totally oblivious of, I was too busy deciding how to spend my wages. In retrospect this was my first major encounter with the Angelic realm.

The next encounter for was 2006. I was traveling to work early morning in my car and listening to Caroline Myss on the topic of Angels. I had just recovered from a serious illness and was feeling miffed at the whole experience. Listening to this lecture on Angels brought out my frustration and aloud I demanded ‘If there are such a thing as Angels let me know you are there sitting beside in the car. At the same time, I put my hand over to the passenger seat and felt a solid back covered in feathers. The shock was great and I pulled over to the side of the two-lane highway. There was nothing to be seen, I extended my hand again and felt up the back, over the shoulders and were the wings were joined to the body. He was crouched over and massive. I had a small two seater sports car at the time not much room. The presence came across as male. It was mind blowing after 5minutes or so it was gone. I never told anyone about this incidence.

A year later traveling to work again and listening to same cd. I made a request aloud for the Angel to show himself to me I wanted to know Angels were for real. This time I looked over to passenger side and there was a dark green feathered creature crouched over in the seat beside me. Again I pulled over. The feathers were of varying shades of green and had a sheen to them. I couldn’t see his face as he was crouched over to far. He didn’t speak and I didn’t speak to him I was too much in awe it was so surreal. I thought for a moment he could be a demon? The southerners are always talking about demons. The thought was quickly dismissed as I don’t deal in demon’s period. After a few minutes I blinked and he was gone.

This time, I told my partner about both experiences with the Angel appearing in the car. It like the story of Benjamin Button a bit too incredible and besides who ever heard of a green Angel?? I told a friend at work and she looked up Angel on google and found out we all had Angels assigned to us depending on the day we were born. I am a Wednesday’s child therefore my assigned Angel was Raphael. I went in search of material pertaining to Raphael and found out to my astonishment he was depicted with green feathers on his wings.

In 2009 after opening my Shaman Practice I started invoking Angelic help with clients to help them in their healing. Raphael came accompanied by Michael, Gabriel, Metatron and Cassiel. They are all part of my healing team, they don’t always come together but at least one of them is with me while working with clients.

In September 2012 my partner Ed and myself were on vacation in Venice. One night after returning from dinner ED couldn’t breath and I called for the paramedics and oxygen. This was all happening in the bathroom and no lights were on, the only illumination came from the bedside lamps in the main room. I knew things were dire and I screamed for Raphael to come and help me. The bathroom lit up I looked into the mirror and saw Michael with brilliant white glowing from his whole persona and his light was reflecting out into the room. Beside him stood Gabriel and Raphael was standing in front of us with his wings open shielding Ed and myself. Thing were moving fast and I pleaded with them to do something and not led Ed die. They were there for both of us in a Sacred Circle with love and compassion that was palpable. I knew their role was that of Sacred Witnesses in support of me as Ed transitioned out of this life.

My Angels come now when I call them for clients or when I’m in meditation. Also when I am in the hot tub they come and sit on the edge of the balcony this is a social event. Michael is the flamboyant one with the dramatic landings. They are my constant support and are there when I need them and I have had a tremendous need since Ed’s passing. I live and breathe gratitude to the Universe for providing me with Almighty and Powerful Soul Companions. The Angelic Realm provide me with succor not experienced from any other source they also instill an energetic power that lifts me up and places me in the flow of bliss and without this I believe I would no longer reside on this planet.

With clients I have other Angels who come, they tend to come from the client’s inner life such as Ancestors or teens on skate boards. Angels take many forms.

You Sheri are one of my Angels.