Business One Sheet

Sheridan Film Company will produce a gritty fable with music, THE GLITCH, in and around Gretna, Louisiana in the autumn of 2017.  The following combination of elements, particular to our film, greatly enhance our chances of success:

  • Widespread interest in and affection for Angels. A 2009 AP poll revealed that 77% of American adults believe in angels (Approx. 250 million people)
  • A powerful message about the power of faith that is nondenominational
  • Affinity around the world for the music and culture of Louisiana
  • A dynamic social media outreach with a podcast to angel lovers around the world, already in process

It is no secret that films with a positive faith-based message have box office potential. JUMPING THE BROOM, which focuses on forgiveness, was made for $6.6 million and took in $37 million. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL cost $12 million and has grossed $88 million to date.  Most recently, WAR ROOM – with a $3 million budget – surpassed $67 million in box office and ranks #1 in DVD sales. THE GLITCH is a spiritual message about religious tolerance, about finding hope and finding angels – regardless of what church you may (or may not) attend.

For the millions of Louisiana music lovers, we plan to present an authentic and emotional soundtrack – combining an original score with character-driven songs and forgotten gems from the rich and fertile record catalogue of Mr. J.D. Miller of Crowley, Louisiana.

We are still in talks with celebrated acting talent for the lead roles in our movie.  But in the key role of Miss Marie, the feisty spiritual center of the story, we are proud to present the Soul Queen of New Orleans – Miss Irma Thomas.

The bios of director James Muro and THE GLITCH team speak to our ability to deliver quality product in a timely manner.  The proposed 22-day shoot in Gretna, Louisiana, will begin in September of 2017. The projected date for the film’s completion is the end of January 2018.  The producers will seek a theatrical release in mid-2018 in conjunction with an all-platform Video on Demand launch.

With the right partners, our little film with a big spiritual message could break out into a massive hit. Please visit our Facebook to see our social media outreach to angel lovers and leaders around the planet. Please also browse our website for our promo short, location slide show, music samples, crew bios, podcasts and angel stories.