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I happened upon my chance to work with the producers of THE GLITCH film through synchronicity.  Ever since December 2011, when I saw the television mini-series Neverland, I have felt divinely inspired towards the film industry.


In truth, I heard a voice clearly nudging me away from academia, towards the performance field, and promising me success if I did.  However, I did not take the voice seriously and continued with my academic pursuits.  In 2016, I found myself struggling with a family crisis, career crisis, and a crisis of meaning overall.  In the midst of this turmoil, I tuned in to my inner voice and once again felt an encouragement towards the film industry.  It was then that I began my work with THE GLITCH.

Here, the universe opened a door for me that was wide open!

Sheri Leigh Myers – producer and co-writer of THE GLITCH – believes in my writing and creative abilities and is fully encouraging of my work.  And thus, I signed on as a blogger for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast.

Since then, I have not only received the professional opening that I was looking for, but have also been gifted the spiritual direction and healing I was not looking for.  Listening to the podcasts has been such a blessing.  I have been facing trauma in all areas of my life, and the weekly podcasts seem to infuse their messages deeply inside me – in such a way that I am now noticing the slow but steady stream of changes happening within and without.

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to work with Sheri, the podcast and the angels.  Blessed be!

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